The Indigenous Mountain Peoples Database is live!


The Mountain Partnership Secretariat (MPS) in close collaboration with the Global Mountain Biodiversity Assessment (GMBA) has developed a database and an interactive map which connects indigenous mountain communities and the mountain range they inhabit.

The scope of this project is to raise awareness about indigenous mountain peoples as well as providing a comprehensive outlook of indigenous communities living in mountain areas where they live, their main food systems, cultural traits and the organizations working with them.

Mountains are home to many indigenous peoples worldwide. Indigenous communities are often the stewards of mountain landscapes and ecosystems as their culture and traditions are inherently tied to land, forest, water and other natural resources they inhabit and use. Indigenous cultures and approaches, where humankind and ecosystems coexist in harmony, have been a source of inspiration and insight for many people all over the world.

Indigenous mountain communities not only play a key role in protecting mountain ecosystems and their biodiversity, but they also preserve their cultural richness and ensure community beliefs. Nevertheless, they are often under represented as they lack a common voice – Their isolation and dispersion across several national boundaries has contributed to the needs of indigenous people not being recognized in international fora and negotiations.

The database showcases data on more than 120 indigenous mountain communities. As a work in progress, it is essential that the platform’s receives valuable input and data from indigenous mountain peoples, research institutes, NGOs, IGOs, governments, experts and MP members.

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