First IISUMOD convention on sustainable mountain development


Integrating the Institute for Sustainable Mountain Development (IISUMOD)’s development plans and their activities into sustainable mountain development agendas at local and global levels in the Himalaya and beyond requires urgent action on all fronts.

To this end, IISUMOD, in partnership with the Council for Agricultural Research and Economics (CREA), the World Agricultural Heritage Foundation (WAHF), and the Center for Internal Areas and Apennines (ArIA) of the University of Molise, is organizing the "1st IISUMOD Convention on Sustainable Mountain Development: Strengthening Partnerships, Policies and Practices in the Himalaya and Beyond" to be held in Rome, Italy on 11 December 2018 for the auspicious occasion of International Mountain Day – 2018 with the theme of #MountainsMatter.

The convention aims to share ideas and present IISUMOD's programs and planned projects and to lay the foundations of an international network to jointly work together towards the sustainable development of the world mountains. During the Convention, delegates, invitees and participants will be invited to join the IISUMOD as associate members to work together for sustainable mountain development at different scales.

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