State of Rio de Janeiro launches mountain law


On 12 December 2018, during the week of International Mountain Day and of the Mountains 2018 event that took place in Nova Friburgo, the Legislative Assembly of the State of Rio de Janeiro approved a law specifically dedicated to mountains.

The law, presented by the State parliamentarian, Glaucio Julianelli, provides a framework for regulating conservation of biodiversity, the efficient and sustainable use of mountain resources, the articulation of traditional and modern knowledge, the integration of sectoral public policies and the adequate realization of agricultural, sports, cultural and religious activities. With this initiative the State of Rio de Janeiro becomes the first Brazilian State to have specific legislation for mountain ecosystems.

"This law aims to protect mountain environments in an integrated way by encouraging environmentally sustainable economic activities and improving the quality of life of its residents, resulting in benefits for society as a whole," said the State parliamentarian, Julianelli. The law will focus on ecosystems classified as mountains including, cloud forest, mountain forest and areas that are of 1 000 meters above sea level. It also includes areas with a local elevation of more than 300 meters in height, whose slope and environmental conditions are characteristics of mountainous environments.

It is up to the State environmental agency to establish norms, conservation, recovery and sustainable use goals, to edit complementary norms and to articulate the objectives of this law with other plans and public policies.

“This is a great achievement that hopefully will inspire other Brazilian states and other Governments to pass laws to specifically protect their mountains,” said Rosalaura Romeo from the Mountain Partnership Secretariat who was in Nova Friburgo for the Mountains 2018 event.

The elaboration of the proposed legislation was supported by Luis Felipe Cesar, representing the Brazilian NGO, Crescente Fértil, a very active and committed member of the Mountain Partnership. 


Photo by FAO/Rosalaura Romeo

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