Kyrgyz mountain culture lands in Sardinia


An event dedicated to promoting mutual exchange and dialogue between the Kyrgyz Sardinian community and Sardinia took place in December. Music, fashion and culture from the two countries mingled during a special event “We support the world with delicate hands” held at the Convento San Giuseppe in Cagliari, Italy.

MP members from Kyrgyzstan as part of the Mountain Partnership Products initiative presented their designs and took part in a fashion show. Stylists from Kyrgyzstan included ChapanSar, Aidai, Topchu Art Salon, 7 sisters, Madina Tapaeva, as well as Sardinian stylists, Ilaria Porcu and Mary Emme. The music of Nicola Agus and pianists Rocco Mancini and Michele Scano accompanied the rest of the event. 

"Kyrgyzstan is a rough, wild and pristine land, and inspires a strong sense of belonging among its inhabitants. And this is perhaps the most important common trait between the people of Kyrgyzstan and Sardinia – the love for their land, pride for their origins, a global vision of the world without renouncing to their identities as persons" said Munara Sydykova, the president of Sardinia Onlus.

The Kyrgyz community in Sardinia is growing and has about five hundred residents on the island, three hundred of which live in Cagliari. The goal of the event was to connect Sardinia with Asia, renewing the new Silk Road route through increased cooperation. It aimed to foster dialogue between different cultures and enhance peculiarities in the social, artisanal and artistic areas through eco-friendly initiatives.

The event was organized by the Kyrgyz association Sardinia Onlus in collaboration with Nasip, Aike Makeup, ChapanSar, Nikola Marini, CMS (solidarity fashion culture), Acli Cagliari and Ipsia Sardegna.

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Photo by Ada Rasulova

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