Mountain message to be given at Rio needs to be incorporated in forests, water and other key sectors



Mountain Partnership @ Rio+20


Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) Cross-sectoral integration needs to transcend particular interests to be translated into implementation for poverty reduction and food security in all countries.

This was the message launched at a side event on "Mountain knowledge solutions for improved water, food, energy and environment nexus" held in Rio Centro on 18 June 2012.

A panel of  policy makers spanning across ICIMOD, the Global Water Partnership, IUCN, EvK2CNR, including Lyempo Pema Gyamtsho, Bhutan's Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, shared concrete solutions in the areas of water management, organic farming and micro hydropower at the community level. The side event was co-chaired by Dr  Keshab Man Shakya, Minister of Environment, Science and Technology of Nepal.

Much of the debate on food, water and energy is either focused on reducing energy demand for water and agriculture or on policies to enhance energy availability to support growing demand for irrigation. Energy is needed for agriculture and for transport and storage of food. These interlinkages (water, energy and food production) are inextricably linked.

As global warming progresses, there is going to be less and less water. "Water scarcity is the defining crisis of our times," observed panelist Ania Grobicki, Executive Secretary of the Global Water Partnerships.

In this context, working in partnership becomes crucially important for the future we want.

In South Asia alone, the hydropower potential exceeds 500 GW. If properly harnessed, it could provide reliable access to energy for most of the population and reduce use of traditional fuels, thus also reducing atmospheric black carbon - a serious problem in the region.

When it comes to mountains, these have the potential to play a vital role in energy security, panellists recognized. 

As pointed out by ICIMOD's Director General David Molden, "There is a mountain message that needs to be given in Rio and it has to be incorporated in forests, water and other key sectors".

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