Mountain museums become interactive


The National Mountain Museum of Turin and the Alpine Museum – Museum of France, Chamonix signed a cooperation agreement on 11 July 2015  to launch a digital platform for mountain museums. The iAlp –Interactive Alpine Museums project has been created with the aim to provide the tourism sector with a digital content system that will include documents, data, materials and works of art about mountains, especially in the Alps.

The title iAlp was chosen since the rich cultural heritage will be elaborated through innovative tools which foster interactivity, inviting users to discover the precious collections preserved in the National Mountain Museum of Turin and in the Alpine Museum - Museum of France, Chamonix.  Over a period of three years, the project will create a shared management system, which will allow the information coming from the two museums to be stored in a single digital bank, the launch of innovative tools, such as mobile apps to reach new users exploiting widely the cultural heritage of both museums, and the building of synergies between Turin and Chamonix, symbolic places for touristic and cultural appreciation of the Alps.

The cooperation agreement was signed in Chamonix, France between the Mayor of Chamonix Eric Fournier and the Director of the National Mountain Museum of Turin Aldo Audisio, under the framework of the Mountain Partnership, who will support the dissemination of the initiative, together with the Ministry of Environment of Italy.  The presidents of the French, Swiss and English Alpine Clubs were also present at the signing ceremony, which was part of the celebrations of 150 years of Alpinism and the Golden Age of Mountaineering.

Other museums that are expected to join the agreement in the autumn include the Tatra Mountain Museum of Zakopane in Poland and the Mountain Documentation Centre (SGIM) in Sabadell-Barcelona, Spain.

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Photo:MPS/Sara Manuelli

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