Ecosystem services of headwater catchments


The European Forestry Commission Working Party on the Management of Mountain Watersheds and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) have published Ecosystem Services in Headwater Catchments. The book aims to improve the understanding of mountain ecosystem services in a changing world and to promote inclusive stakeholder dialogue in headwater regions. By presenting 24 papers selected from contributions to recent meetings of the Working Party, the publication addresses the evaluation of environmental impacts and services identified in headwaters of different eco-zones around the world.

The papers have been updated and peer-reviewed, and the interdisciplinary team of authors includes experts from the fields of biology, chemistry, ecology, forestry, geography, hydrology and socio-economics. The participatory management of headwater catchments in Africa, America, Asia and Europe was the central theme of the contributions, which were divided into four sections: (1) Headwater Environment and Natural Resources, (2) Enhancing Environmental Services in Headwaters, (3) Environmental Services in the Changing World, and (4) New Challenges for Environmental Education and Active Citizenship.

The practical applications shown in the book address the multi-resource concept. Ecosystem Services in Headwater Catchments offers a unique and valuable resource for environmentalists, engineers, watershed planners and policymakers alike.

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Photo: FAO/Steve Terrill

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