Bioeconomy in mountain areas – an opportunity for local development

Pieve Tesino and Ormea (Italy)

18 June – 02 July 2018






18 Monday

Arrival of participants


19 Tuesday

Opening Ceremony

Michele Freppaz, UNITO

Giuseppe Scarascia Mugnozza, UNITUS

An overview of the Mountain Partnership, IPROMO and this year’s main topic

Rosalaura Romeo, FAO-MPS

Introduction and establishment of working groups

Danilo Godone, Chairman

Tommaso Chiti, UNITUS Local Focal Point

Participants' presentations

20 Wednesday

Introduction to sustainable mountain development and watershed management

Hans Schreier, UBC

21 Thursday

Introduction to Bioeconomy

Giuseppe Scarascia Mugnozza, UNITUS Natural Capital and Sustainability

Emanuele Blasi, CURSA Ecosystem services

22 Friday

Bioeconomy and forestry

Manuela Romagnoli & Florian Zikeli, UNITUS Wood technology and Forest bioproducts

Marco Bezzi, F360, Mountains and water resources

23 Saturday


Bioeconomy and agriculture

Field Trip

Tommaso Chiti, Pastures & Carbon sequestration

Riccardo Massantini, CSALP Mountain AgriFood chainvalue

24 Sunday

Departure for Aosta Valley

Mauro Bassignana, IAR local farmers, mountain entrepreneurs

25 Monday

Field Visit

Mauro Bassignana, IAR local farmers, mountain entrepreneurs

26 Tuesday

Field visit

Afternoon departure for Ormea

27 Wednesday

Governance and bioeconomy in mountain areas

Fillippo Brun (UNITO)

IoT and bioeconomy in mountain regions

Beltramo (UNITO), Romani (UNIFI)

28 Thursday

Alpine soils, ecosystems services and bioeconomy (in connection with the Links4Soils project).

Borut.Vrscaj (AIS), Silvia Stanchi (UNITO)  Michele Freppaz (UNITO

The Green Economy Action programme for the Alpine Region: From Analysis of the Status quo to Implemented Action

Dorothea Palenberg (Blue!)

29 Friday

Getting the message across: communication strategies for the digital age

Maria de Cristofaro (FAO)

Kai Lintunen (Finnish Forest Association and FAO/UNECE FCN)

30 Saturday

Making bioeconomy happen: European policies and how to assess supply and demand

Giorgio Vacchiano (UNIMI), Marco Allocco, (Seacoop srl), Valerio Avitabile (JRC)

Bioeconomy and forestry: an example in Northwestern Alps

Alberto Dotta (Consorzio Forestale Alta Valle Susa)

01 Sunday

Working groups

02 Monday

Closing ceremony and delivery of diplomas

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