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The IPROMO programme offers annual short courses on the management of mountain areas and is organized by the Mountain Partnership Secretariat of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the University of Turin.  

The training programme was created in 2006 at the request of several Mountain Partnership members who had identified the lack of mountain related capacity development programmes as a concrete obstacle to the sustainable development of mountains around the world. IPROMO aims at strengthening the capacity of countries and institutions that belong to the Mountain Partnership and targets mainly technicians, experts, and decision-makers from areas that are potentially more sensitive to global change impacts.

Every year a different topic linked to sustainable mountain development is selected. The full immersion two-week course takes place every year during the summer and is available to both graduate and post-graduate applicants.

The final objective is the training of students, researchers, technicians for the management of mountain areas which have a high ecological, social, economical complexity. Additionally, IPROMO aims to provide scientific knowledge and to enhance the ability of participants to assess potential ecological and social impacts of different management policies.

IPROMO takes place in Ormea, a small town in the Italian Alps, and is financially supported by a number of local authorities and private sector partners. A number of international organizations such as the World Bank, InWent  and Condesan have also provided fellowships in the pasts.

The participants are selected trying to ensure a good regional, scientific and gender balance. The instructors are both from the academic and the United Nations world, offering a good mix of theoretical and practical experiences and perspectives.

As of 2014, seven courses have already been organized and about 250 officers and experts from all over the world have been trained. An Alumni network has also been established so that participants and instructors can maintain the connection and continue sharing information.   

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