This comic strip was submitted by Dr Deborshee Gogoi from India. It aims to create awareness about the rich biodiversity of the Eastern Himalayas and the large hydropower projects that threaten it.

The importance of bees as pollinators is well known to the modern world. Generations of farmers, however, in the Indian Himalayas have known about the importance of bees in food security and biodiversity conservation since ancient times.

This story and drawing were submitted by Takla Khoueiry from Lebanon, where the importance of mountains she says "cannot be described in words, it is one of the most important sources of life." The story celebrates the wild mountain herbs and plants that are used to make medicine and traditional dishes.

Once upon a time, among the mountains of the upper basin of the Rímac River, Peru, there were spirits that protected the area's natural surroundings, making sure the animals had a habitat in which to live and that humans used the resources responsibly. 

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