Mountain Partnership Products Database

The Mountain Partnership Products database provides an overview of the products involved in the Mountain Partnership Products Initiative. Each item engaged in this initiative carries a narrative label that tells its specific story, highlighting what makes the product unique. With this map and database, users will obtain an overview of the rich variety of quality, high-value foods, beverages and handicrafts originating from mountain areas all over the world that are produced and transformed by small-scale producers.

The database seeks to provide up-to-date information on each of the labelled products by providing the narrative label along with further detailed information about its origin, altitude, production methods and linkages to local culture and traditions.

Some of the items involved in the initiative are at risk of disappearing due to the fact that local peoples are increasingly neglecting the cultivation of ancient crop varieties and traditional production methods as they cannot compete with commercial production.

Products carrying the mountain label will be available in national markets, organic stores and specialty shops. Small-scale mountain producers and associations in developing countries are eligible to participate in the Mountain Partnership Products Initiative. Those who wish to apply can download the terms and conditions for the use of the label and the application form.

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