Peak to Peak

EcorNaturaSí and the Mountain Partnership Secretariat join forces to boost the livelihoods of mountain and island communities


Peak to Peak August 2020 announces a new agreement between EcorNaturaSi and the Mountain Partnership Secretariat that promotes fair-trade of unique, organic products and conserves biodiversity. This month's Members' Voices is a Mountain Partnership Products producer story, zooming in on women silk scarf producers in Kyrgyzstan. Peak to Peak August highlights four top news stories from the past month about moving forward into the decade of action and championing organic mountain products. This month's issue features two new Mountain Partnership Secretariat publications: the 2019 Annual Report and the Mountain Recipes book. The first "Tales of Mountain Biodiversity" story, a joint initiative of the Mountain Partnership and the Global Mountain Biodiversity Assessment, is showcased in this issue. Happy reading!

Themes: AgricultureBiodiversityClimate changeMountain products

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