Study on Collection and Utilisation of Minor Forest Produces by Mountain Women


The study was conducted on 107 women villagers from four villages in Dhanaulti in Uttarakhand, India for qualitative and quantitative measurement of collection and utilisation of Minor Forest Produces (MFP) by women. Mountain women regularly collect fuelwood, fodder grass, leaves and vegetables, fruits and flowers, medicinal plants and branches from the forest. The study reveals that 100 percent of women collect fuelwood and fodder grass year round except for during the three months of rain and snowfall. More than 70 percent of women collect 400-600 kg of fuelwood per head annually. About 50 percent of women collect the same amount of fodder grass per head annually. The project conducted trainings on MFP processing and marketing to support income generation for mountain women.

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Author Sejuti Sarkar De
Publication year 2017

Themes: ForestsGender

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