Matteo Todisco


1-What prompted you to apply for a position?


I’ve always imagined a career for myself in global health. From as early as I can remember, I’ve found great joy and fulfillment in helping others and a profession that dedicates itself to the betterment of the general human condition seemed to be the ideal for me. Certainly one of the greatest obstacles to the advancement of global health that we face as a species is nutrition. What we put into our bodies as fuel has a massive impact on our overall health. If a body is malnourished it cannot hope to fight infection or disease effectively. What’s more, an individual who is malnourished during childhood development will not grow and mature to his/her full physical and mental potential. Malnutrition essentially denies the world a massive portion of its potential human resources in the form of effective workers and bright minds. With this in mind, I could think of no better way to dive into the world of international humanitarianism than with a summer internship at FAO.

2- What are you most proud of in your work with the Mountain Partnership Secretariat?


I am incredibly proud to be working at an international organization such as FAO, where the Mountain Partnership is based. Being part of the greater organization that is at the forefront of the battle against global hunger and food insecurity is an honor. I am also incredibly proud to be a part of the Mountain Partnership, specifically. It is an amazing opportunity to be a part of this team of incredible individuals who are dedicated to furthering and sustainably cultivating such an important resource. As a member of the communications team, I am also proud to play a role in awareness outreach; spreading our message, and informing the greater public of the importance of mountains to the wellbeing of humanity.

3- What does a normal day at work look like for you?


As a member of the communications team, my general job is the dissemination of information. These include tasks such as writing news articles on recent developments in mountain ecologies around the world, writing event announcements on upcoming conferences and forums, as well as helping run our social media pages and increasing our outreach to the general public. This job is great, because by necessity it keeps me incredibly up to date on what’s happening in sustainable mountain development on a global scale.

4- What advice would you give someone wishing to join as volunteer?


My advice to anyone coming into the Mountain Partnership as a volunteer would be to keep an open mind. Even if you feel your skill set isn’t perfectly matched to this organization, take a chance, dive in. You’ll find an amazing group of people who will get you up to speed, show you the ropes, and take full advantage of any and all talents you have to offer.

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