MTP database

This database contains details of all programme entities active in the Medium Term Plan 2006-11. This information is different from the MTP printed document which, for brevity and in line with the rolling nature of the Plan, only provides detailed information for new programme entities and those that underwent substantial revision. The programme entities are grouped under their related programme and major programme and, in contrast to past MTPs, now include the non-technical programmes, which have applied the new results-based programme model for the first time in the MTP 2006-11.

The information provided for each programme entity includes:

  • Resource summary (all programmes)
  • Rationale (all programmes)
  • Objective (technical programmes)
  • Objective Indicators (technical programmes)
  • Links to the Strategic Framework (Strategic Objectives for technical programmes and Strategies to Address Cross Organizational Issues for non-technical programmes)
  • Contribution to the Gender and Development Plan of Action (technical programmes)
  • Contribution to Priority Areas for Interdisciplinary Action (technical programmes)
  • Cooperation with the external partners including: Organizations and programmes of the United Nations system, and other Inter-governmental Organizations, Civil Society Organizations and Other partners (all programmes)
  • Major Outputs envisaged for the entity (all programmes)

Summary information provided on major outputs include:

  • Timeframe (all programmes)
  • Lead division/service (all programmes)
  • Major Output Performance Improvement Indicators (non-technical programmes)

MTP database