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Mr. Nabil Gangi was appointed Deputy Regional Representative for the Near East and North Africa in June 2016.

In addition to his regional role, as of September 1st 2016, Mr. Gangi has been designated as acting FAO Representative in the United Arab Emirates and Subregional Coordinator ad interim for the Gulf Cooperation Council States (GCCS) and Yemen.



Deputy Regional Representative: Nabil Gangi

The career of Mr. Nabil Gangi extends for more than thirty years, 17 of which are at the United Nations. He has extensively travelled for work in 35 countries in 4 continents. Prior to his postings in Cairo and Abu Dhabi, Mr. Gangi held posts in Italy and Hungary.

Born in Cairo in 1962, Mr. Gangi holds the Canadian and British citizenships. He speaks 5 languages: Arabic, English, French, Spanish and Italian.

Professional Experience

On the international level, Mr. Gangi held senior positions in the field of programs and units management inside and outside the United Nations. Two years after assuming his mandate as the Advisor to the FAO Assistant-Director General for the Near East and North Africa, the FAO Director-General appointed him as Deputy Regional Representative for the Near East in Cairo. He is in charge of supervising the FAO representatives’ network in 17 countries in the region, and serves as Secretary to the Regional Conference for the Near East.

Before undertaking his mission in Cairo, Mr. Gangi had served for four years in Budapest, where he led one of the first UN off-shored global services centers in Budapest, Santiago and Bangkok, handling FAO back bone operations including Human Resources, Financial servicing, Assets and Travel Management.

Mr. Gangi served at the FAO Headquarters in Rome for approximately 8 years in a senior level position managing staff benefits, pensions, human resources, and social security for Rome based UN agencies.

Prior joining the United Nations, Mr. Gangi held different senior management positions with multilateral and non-governmental organizations (such as the International Alliance, the European Commission, the Support for International Family Planning organization, the European Union and the U.S. Agency for International Development).

It is worth mentioning that during his latest posting in the UK, he was granted the British citizenship for his efforts in the establishment of a multilateral organization in the United Kingdom in support of non-governmental and civil society organizations in developing countries.

Academic background

After graduating as an engineer from Ain Shams University in Cairo, Mr. Gangi received a Diploma in Project Management and Financial Management from the American University of Cairo. In 1992, he earned his Master's degree in Business Administration from the Henley Management College and Brussel University in the UK.

Other posts

 Mr. Gangi was a member in many international fora, namely:

  • The United Nations Joint Staff Pension Fund Board
  • The United Nations Human Resources Network
  • The United Nations International Civil Service Commission
  • The forum for the financial management of non-governmental organizations in the UK (CFDG)
  • The European Parliament hearings on the role of non-governmental and multilateral organizations in the promotion of health and well-being in countries within the Lomé Convention (1996)
  • The first European-African summit (Cairo, 2000)