FAO Regional Office for Near East and North Africa

According to the most recent global estimates, 2.4 million children in the Arab region are engaged in child labour of which 1.9 million are engaged in hazardous work – the vast majority of which takes place in the agriculture sector. Join us for this regional event aiming to foster more concerted action at local, national, and regional level to address child labour in agriculture and give agricultural stakeholders the opportunity to identify actions they or their organizations could take to increase action towards the elimination of child labour in agriculture.



Opening Remarks



Background paper on child labour in agriculture in the NENA region: How and why is child labour important beyond just legal and enforcement?


Panel discussion: Successful efforts to combat child labour in agriculture and what is needed to enhance action among regional actors



Discussion question: Can you share any examples of successful initiatives that can and should be replicated in the region?


Breakout discussions: what do you think are the most essential actions needed to combat child labour in agriculture at local, national, and regional levels?

Where does your work fit in, and how can you contribute to combating child labour in agriculture?


Reporting back and Q&A


Closing: synthesis and next steps