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FAO and Sudan Government Workshop to develop National Strategy and Action Plan for IUU Fishing


Illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing, is one of the greatest threats to marine ecosystems due to its potent ability to undermine national and regional efforts to manage fisheries sustainably as well as efforts to conserve marine biodiversity. To combat IUU fishing, FAO adopted and put into force the Port State Measures Agreement (PSMA). 

Although the fishery industry in Sudan has seen improved production and economic empowerment, it still faces several constraints. The country has a weak, almost non-existent, monitoring, control and surveillance mechanism (MCS) for fisheries management, leading to the widespread practice of IUU fishing. 

In light of this, FAO Sudan and the Goverment of Sudan are hosting a workshop to develop a national strategy and action plan to comply with the PSMA. During the workshop, both parties will review the compliance with the provisions of the agreement and will formulate a national strategy and action plan to gradually fulfil the requirements set forth in the PSMA and related international instruments and regional mechanisms.