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Khalifa International Date Palm Award

Khalifa International Date Palm Award
Efforts to preserve and update knowledge on date palms have created an unique system that combines production and sustainability, safeguards biodiversity, and helps to improve the livelihoods of those who till the land.

Since 1965, FAO is proud to be part of the efforts to promote date palms and recognizes that the United Arab Emirates are at the forefront of regional and international efforts to sustainably produce date palms.

The Khalifa International Date Palm Award continues to encourage entries for the five categories of its seventh edition for farmers, producers, researchers and academics, specialists and lovers of palm date tree around the world.

The five categories of the Award are: ‘Best Research, Best Producers, Best New Techniques, Best Development Project and Distinguished Figure.’

Submission of applications is open through 30 October 2014. For more information click here.