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FAO hosts 60 students from Cairo University to commemorate International Day of Forests

@fao rne FAO's experts with students during the celebration of Day of Forests

March 21, 2016/Cairo-- Recognizing the importance of forests and its ecosystems, the UN’s Food and Agricultural Organization today hosted 60 students from the Faculty of Agriculture at Cairo University, to commemorate the International Day of Forests that is held under the moto “ Forests and Water”.

During the visit, the students headed by Engineer Mohamed Abdel Wahab Qassem, Head of the Agricultural Engineering Faculty at Cairo University were introduced to FAO’s Strategic Objectives; the newly adopted Sustainable Development Goals; and FAO’s role for the eradication of  Hunger, Poverty and Water Scarcity. Moreover, FAO was keen to raise awareness on forests among the students by showing FAO’s official documentary about forestry and water.

In light of FAO efforts to raise awareness on how forests are key to the planet’s supply of freshwater, Mr. Fawzi Karajeh, FAO Regional Water Resources Expert, presented to the students FAO’s projects that play a significant role in managing water resources sustainably in the Near East and North Africa Region.

To highlight the importance of forests; Mr. Adam Abdel Hamid, FAO Regional Forestry Expert explained to the students the priceless ecological, economic, social and health benefits of forests.

“The International Day of Forests this year is a reminder, for decision makers, of the important role forests play to the planet’s supply of freshwater,” Abdel Hamid said. “At the same time this day also stresses upon the importance of managing sustainably these important resources, as they can contribute to better water management and the production of numerous forest products, primarily wood that is used in many industries.” He added.

During his speech to the students; Mr. Adam Abdel Hamid, FAO Regional Forestry Expert pointed out that Egypt has a numerous amount of waste water (sewage), which provides huge potential for tree planting.