FAO Regional Office for Near East and North Africa
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High dependence on food imports, limited and fragile natural resource base, exposure to climate change, high dependence on food imports, crisis and political instability, make food security a persistent challenge across Near East and North Africa countries.

FAO, through its field programme, is working to help member states face these challenges and support efforts aimed at reducing food insecurity; eradicating hunger; increasing productivity of agriculture and improving the ability of vulnerable communities and to empower them to cope and recover from shocks and crisis.

Major ongoing projects

Rehabilitation of forest landscapes and degraded land with particular attention to saline soils and areas prone to wind erosion - (FSP)

Objectives: To tackle the main threats to land and forest resources in Iran removing key barriers to integrated sustainable land and  forest management.
The project will result in restored and enhanced biodiversity as it supports the capacity of degraded forest landscapes and lands to deliver expected goods and services for sustainable livelihoods, food security and combating desertification.
The aim is to strengthen capacities of local communities, provincial and local institutions to plan, implement and evaluate participatory and integrated land and forest management initiatives  at the village and watershed scales. Proposals and methodologies used in the project will be mainstreamed into national plans, policies and processes.

Starting Date: 7/2011 - Ending Date: 6/2016
Donor: Italy
Sector: Forestry
Budget :USD 2 668 300

Capacity building programme in support of the Palestinian National Authority's Sanitary and Phyto-Sanitary (SPS) measures

Objectives: Supporting  the establishment and sustainability of sanitary and photo sanitary measures (SPS) and enabling national food safety and quality,  to contribute to an improvement, on the longer term, of the performance of the agricultural sector.
Improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the MoA to deliver its services in relation to Sanitary and Phyto Sanitary measures.
Establishing a National phytosanitary work plan and strengthening the capacity for developing and implementing a sustainable strategic plan for SPS and Food Safety.

Starting Date: 4/2014 - Ending Date: 3/2017
Donor: Netherlands
Sector: Crop protection - Food Safety
Budget: USD 1 367 658


Enhancing the resilience of farmers' livelihoods in Area C of Jenin, Nablus, Tubas and Jericho Governorates through improved water availability and management

Objectives: Improving the food security and livelihoods of vulnerable female and male farmers in Area C of the West Bank through improved water availability and water management for agricultural uses. Helping families drastically improve livestock and vegetable production to combat poverty and high unemployment.
Boosting the resilience of urban and peri-urban livelihoods in the Gaza Strip through small scale domestic food production.

Starting Date: 6/2014 - Ending Date: 5/2016
Donor: Netherlands
Sector: Food security
Budget: USD 2 463 957