FAO Regional Office for Near East and North Africa

Subregional Coordinator for North Africa and FAO Representative to Tunisia : Mr Philippe Ankers

In January 2019, the Director-General of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations appointed Philippe Ankers to serve as the Coordinator of the FAO Sub-Regional Office in North Africa, which is based in Tunis and covers five Maghreb countries: Algeria, Morocco, Mauritania, Libya and Tunisia.

In April, 2019, the Secretary of State of Tunisia accredited Mr. Ankers as the FAO Representative to Tunisia, in addition to his role as sub-Regional Coordinator, and welcomed the long-standing and excellent relations of cooperation between FAO and Tunisia. He emphasized the important and strategic place of the agricultural sector in the national economy and for the food security of the country.

For his part, Mr. Ankers thanked the Tunisian Government for the trust granted to him. He renewed the commitment of FAO to the program of cooperation with Tunisia which touches on important topics including water management, transformation of the agricultural sector, support to the olive-growing and artisanal fishing sectors, and the reduction of losses and waste of agricultural products.

Mr. Ankers is of Swiss nationality and holds an advanced degree and PhD in Veterinary Medicine from the University of Bern, Switzerland, and a graduate degree in Development and Environment from the University of London, UK.

His career began in October 1991 as a researcher and project coordinator at the International Trypanotolerance Center in The Gambia. From September 1997 to December 2000 he worked as a veterinary surgeon in Switzerland. From January 2001 to August 2004, he served as Regional Coordinator for Vétérinaires Sans Frontières-Switzerland in Nairobi, then as Director of this same NGO in Bern from September 2004 to January 2008.

In February 2008, Mr. Ankers joined the FAO in Rome as an animal production officer, before managing the Livestock Production Systems Branch (AGAS) within the Animal Production and Health Division (AGA), from October 2011 to October 2015.

From November 2015 and until his appointment in Tunisia, Mr. Ankers was a member of the senior management team of FAO's Global Program for Rural Poverty Reduction.