FAO Fisheries Department

FAO global capture fisheries production database: catching the trend



With data series extending for 60 years, including catch data for almost 1850 species items, and reflecting geo-political, historical and natural events, the FAO capture fisheries production database provides a service to the community interested in fishery information.

In the last 15 years, over 600 articles from refereed journals have cited the database. The species included in the database have grown significantly in the last decade and an analysis of annual reporting has shown more timely data submissions, although the number of non-reporting countries remained stable throughout the years. An evaluation of data quality found over half developing countries reporting inadequately but also one-fourth of reports by developed countries were not satisfactory.

A recent article in Marine Policy, a journal published by Elsevier, provides meta information on historical developments, data sources and coverage, and advice on what should be kept in mind when using the database for trend studies.
Consult Marine Policy online here.