FAO Fisheries Department

Marine protected areas: country case studies on policy, governance and institutional issues



This document presents case studies of the policy, governance and institutional

issues of marine protected areas (MPAs) in Brazil, India, Palau and Senegal. It is

the first of four in a global series of case studies on MPAs. An initial volume

provides a synthesis and analysis of all the studies.

The set of global MPA case studies was designed to close a deficit in

information on the governance of MPAs and spatial management tools, within

both fisheries management and biodiversity conservation contexts. The studies

examine governance opportunities in and constraints on the use of spatial

management measures at the national level.

They were also designed to inform implementation of the FAO Technical

Guidelines on marine protected areas (MPAs) and fisheries, which were

developed to provide information and guidance on the use of MPAs in the

context of fisheries.