FAO Fisheries Department

Second meeting on the shrimp management plan in the Central Gulf of Guinea


26-6-2012  28-6-2012


Within the framework of the EAF-Nansen/PAF NEPAD joint project for the development of management plans for industrial shrimp fisheries, the meeting will be devoted to the training on the use of analysis and modeling for the selection of suitable options to be selected in the development of management plans with emphasis on cost-benefit approach concerning discussed choices.

The workshop will be attended by regional organizations such as COREP, CEEAC, NEPAD, ACP, FCWC and three countries, Cameroon, Gabon and Nigeria, including the fisheries managers and industry partners in addition to the member States of COREP and the decision-makers of the countries represented.

The expected outputs of this second meeting are (i) National documents indicating the management options discussed; (ii) National assessment of options based on the criteria of costs and benefits, constraints and facilities stemming from discussions with the decision-makers and; (iii) National orientation paper for the finalization of draft management plans.

Mr Kourkouliotis, Kyriakos