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Photo: ©FAO/CAR
A major operation to distribute seeds and tools has been launched in the Central African Republic to support crisis-hit farming families.
Photo: ©FAO/Syria
Vulnerable families at risk amid expected severe cereal crop reduction in 2014.
Photo: ©FAO
Even in countries where clear legal protections for women's ownership of land and property exist, local customs often continue to work against equality for female farmers, according to new data released this week by FAO and the World Bank.
Photo: ©FAO/Giulio Napolitano
Wageningen University and FAO host international conference on the role of insects in sustainable food production.
Photo: ©FAO/Dominique Burgeon
Urgent action required to prevent famine
Photo: ©FAO
Countries of Latin America and the Caribbean have advanced a robust agenda aimed at achieving the eradication of hunger in the region, during a major FAO meeting which concluded today in Santiago, Chile.
Photo: ©FAO/Olivier Thuillier
FAO Food Outlook offers the first forecast for global food markets in 2014/15.
Photo: ©FAO
Representatives of countries in Latin America and the Caribbean are gathering this week to agree on the actions needed to definitively eradicate hunger in the region before 2025.
Photo: ©FAO/James Belgrave
Tens of thousands of farmers are bringing in their first rice harvest just six months after one of the worst typhoons to ever hit the Philippines left their fields in tatters and their livelihoods at risk, FAO announced today.
Photo: ©barrygoble/Flickr Creative Commons
Tackling the world’s massive food loss problem is a key to reducing hunger and poverty, but governments and companies must step up their collaboration on the issue, an international congress on food losses and waste heard today.