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How to rebuild West Africa’s Food Potential
©FAO/Carl de Souza
17 December 2013, Rome – It is possible for West African countries to strengthen their food security. So why have so many countries in the region been lagging behind in their growth? A new report released by FAO called, Rebuilding West Africa’s Food Potential, presents a range of case studies which highlight successful investments in agricultural development in West Africa. Since the World Food crisis in 2007-2008, many African countries stepped up their agricultural investments and focused on new strategies in order to strengthen their food security. However, even though some countries are doing better than others, the region are trailing other parts of Africa in terms of basic infrastructure, investments, research and development and agricultural processing.

Aziz Elbehri is a Senior Economist at FAO. In the following interview he elaborates on the reasons why West Africa has yet to realize its potential, the impact of imports and what needs to be done to in the region so that it can become more food secure.
3min. 19sec.
Topic(s): Agriculture & crops, Food Security, Hunger & food insecurity, Rural or agricultural development
Produced by: Sandra Ferrari
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