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Commodity-dependent developing countries need to boost efforts to diversify their economies
11 December 2017, Geneva/Rome--- The Commodities and Development Report 2017 argues this is a likely scenario given that global food and non-food commodity prices - with the exception of oil - are expected to remain at their 2010 levels. They may even increase slightly in the years leading to 2030 - the target date for the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) agreed by the international community in 2015. However, the report notes that these global price patterns may diverge once broken down to the regional and national levels.

George Rapsomanikis, FAO Senior Economist, elaborates more on the FAO/UNCTAD Commodities and Development Report 2017. (Interview conducted by Murielle Sarr)
4min. 44sec.
Topic(s): Agriculture & crops, Food production & stocks, Rural or agricultural development, SDGs, Trade & economics
Produced by: Muriel Sarr, FAO
Reference: 12297