TZH 49 - The women working in crises
Photo credit: Johannes Odé,The Hunger Project
Celebrating women humanitarians is the theme of this year’s World Humanitarian Day (August 19), a day to honor humanitarian efforts worldwide and to rally support for people affected by crises. One country with exceptionally high humanitarian needs is the Democratic Republic of Congo. According to UN figures, this year alone 12.8 million people in DRC will need humanitarian aid as a result of protracted conflict and violence, and the risk of cholera and Ebola. In this podcast, FAO’s Silvia Risi talks about her humanitarian work in DRC and what it means to be a woman humanitarian.

Interview: Charlotta Lomas
5min. 27sec.
Topic(s): Emergencies/Crises, Environment/Natural resources, Food Security, Women & gender
Produced by: Charlotta Lomas, FAO
Reference: 12559