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EU Food Facility and FAO: Europe committed to boost agricultural production
14 November 2009, Rome- In 2009, the European Union joined FAO in its efforts to turn the tide of growing hunger in the world by boosting agricultural production with massive support for global food security through its Food Facility. The Food Facility is the EU's 1 billion response to the food crisis. This two-year initiative aims to help developing countries soften the blow of high food prices and move towards long-term food security. Over 200 million ($ 285 million) will be channelled through FAO for operations in twenty-five countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

The European Union trusts in FAO: we are convinced that the EU-FAO cooperation will increase in the future, Jose María Sumpsi, Assistant Director General, commented.
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Topic(s): Food Security, Hunger & food insecurity
Produced by: FAO
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