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Thirteen countries receive recognition for achieving outstanding progress in fighting hunger
©FAO/Giulio Napolitano
30 November 2014, Rome--- Earlier this year FAO recognized the achievements of three countries while in 2013 38 countries won recognition for having reduced by half the proportion or the number of people who suffer from hunger ahead of the 2015 deadline. According to FAO estimates, Ethiopia, Gabon, Gambia, the Islamic Republic of Iran, Kiribati, Malaysia, Mauritania, Mauritius, Mexico and the Philippines have now achieved the hunger target set by Millennium Development Goal One – to reduce by2015 at least by half the proportion of people in the country suffering from undernourishment - while Brazil, Cameroon and Uruguay have also achieved the more ambitious 1996 World Food Summit target of halving the absolute number of hungry by 2015.

FAO Director-General, José Graziano da Silva.
11min. 26sec.

Statements: Isatou Njie-Saidy, Vice-President of The Gambia(00:00); Tereza Helena Gabrielli Barreto Campello, Minister for Social Development and Fight against Hunger of Brazil(10:24); Menye Essimi, Minister for Agriculture and Rural Development of Cameroon(20:36); Tefera Derbew, Minister for Agriculture of Ethiopia(29:10); Luc Oyoubi, Minister for Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Food Security of Gabon(42:04); Brahim Ould M’Bareck Ould Mohamed el Moctar, Minister for Rural Development of Mauritania(48:50); Juan Carlos Lastiri Quirós, Vice Minister of Prospective, Planning and Evaluation of Mexico(58:21); Segfredo Serrano, Under-Secretary for Policy and Planning, Department of Agriculture of the Philippines(67:54).
74min. 40sec.

Statements from the Fighting hunger awards ceremony (continued): Wan Zakaria Wan Ibrahim, Deputy Under-Secretary for Strategic Planning and International Division of Malaysia (00:00); Seyed Aminollah Taghavi Motlagh, Ambassador and Permanent Representative of the Islamic Republic of Iran to FAO (09:24); Oscar Gabriel Piñeyro, Alternate Permanent Representative of Uruguay to FAO (13:35).
16min. 52sec.

Pietro Gennari is the Director of the Statistics Division at the UN Food and Agriculture Organization. In the following interview he explains why these countries are being recognized and what this means for food insecurity in those countries. (interview conducted by Sandra Ferrari)
05min. 10sec.
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