Organic farming policies to maintain soil fertility in Indonesia
27 October 2015-- This production of JRKDem features an interview with two resource persons. First, the host Noor Chasanah talks with Mr. Hadi Purwantoro, Chairman of the Agriculture Department in Jombang district. Mr. Purwantoro addressed the setbacks and the degradation of soil fertility in Jombang district due to the use of chemical fertilizers. Then, we hear Mr. Muhammad Subhan, chairman of LPPNU (Agricultural Development Organisation of Nahdlatul Ulama) in Jombang.

Gombrek FM (JRKDem), Indonesia (Bahasa).
12min. 57sec.
Topic(s): Agriculture & crops, Biodiversity, Environment/Natural resources, Food production & stocks, Food Security
Produced by: AMARC-FAO
Reference: 11388