Protecting the forests and soil fertility for the sovereignty of the environment
8 January 2016--- Since 2006, PPLH Mangkubumi has been monitoring the forests in Tulungagung. The NGO found out that deforestation has accelerated and that deforestation is higher now. In Tulungagung, the forest covers now only 30% of land, meaning that about 70% of the forest is in critical condition due, mainly to massive illegal logging in forest areas of Perhutani. Host Noor Chasanah of JRKDem presents the results of an interview with Muhammad Ichwan Mustofa, Director of the Environmental Training Center (PPLH) Mangkubumi in Tulungagung.

JRKDem - Samudra FM, Indonesia (Bahasa).
17min. 36sec.
Topic(s): Agriculture & crops, Biodiversity, Environment/Natural resources, Food production & stocks, Food Security, Forestry, Rural or agricultural development
Produced by: AMARC-FAO
Reference: 11524