Ground-breaking illegal fishing accord soon to enter into force
©FAO/Sergei Gapon
16 May 2016, Rome--- A new and now binding international treaty for the fisheries sectors across the globe soon to enter into force. The Port State Measures Agreement – or PSMA – includes Somalia, Cuba, the European Union and other countries that make up a large percentage of the worldwide fisheries exports. PSMA is meant to make the sale of fishing products that are illegal and/or coming from unsustainable fishing practices much more difficult. Illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing – or IUU - is responsible for annual catches of up to 26 million tonnes, and costs the global economy up to 23 billion dollars each year.

Lori Curtis, Fisheries officer with FAO in Rome, explains more about the Port State Measures Agreement. *Interview conducted by Sandra Ferrari
8min. 36sec.
Topic(s): Fisheries & aquaculture, Food production & stocks
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