6th International Forest Engineering Conference: Helping field workers cope with the heat
©FAO/Sean Gallagher
17 April 2018, Rotorura, New Zealand--- In a bid to reduce health risks and even death, FAO has published two papers mapping ways to improve worker health and safety. Released at the 6th International Forest Engineering Conference in New Zealand, both papers contribute to the quest for decent employment, an important goal in the Sustainable Development Agenda.

Aimed at policy makers and those in managerial positions, FAO’s messages address heat stress as a risk facing outdoor workers, and urge a strong and harmonized framework for reporting injuries, accidents and deaths in forestry. Assuring proper precautions benefits employers, as dehydration leads to significant productivity declines.

Jonas Cedergren, FAO Forestry Officer, Forestry Policy and Resources Division, elaborates more on the conditions of workers in dangerous agricultural and forestry jobs and the results achieved so far. Interview conducted by Murielle Sarr
4min. 04sec.
Topic(s): Agriculture & crops, Education & capacity building, Environment/Natural resources, Forestry, Resilience, Rural or agricultural development
Produced by: Muriel Sarr, FAO
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