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Combating Wheat Stem Rust-A new strain of wheat rust
Rome, 13 November 2012- Ug99 was first detected in Eastern Africa in 1998 and has since spread around the continent and to other parts of the world. However, help could be at hand in the form of nuclear science. The Joint FAO/IAEA Division brought together experts from around the world to develop Ug99 resistant wheat varieties, by using radiation to induce mutations in plants. So far ten so-called ?mutant? wheat types that show resistance to Ug99 have been identified.

Louise Potterton (IAEA) spoke to Kenyan plant breeder, Miriam Kinyua, Associate Professor of Biotechnology at Moi University in Eldoret.
More with Professor Kinyua, leader of the IAEA's Ug99 project, during the IAEA's General Conference in Vienna, Austria.
6min. 50sec.
Topic(s): Plants
Produced by: FAO
Reference: 9441