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Non-state actors: an integral part of the Addis-Ababa Declaration to end hunger
Photo: Kelsen Fernandes/Instituto Lula
Rome, 3 July 2013-- "Heads of State and Government of African Union Member States, together with representatives of international organizations, civil society organizations, private sector, cooperatives, farmers, youths, academia and other partners have unanimously adopted a Declaration to end hunger in Africa by 2025. The declaration aims at promoting sustainable agricultural development with social protection and recognizes the importance of engaging non-state actors to ensure food security. The 3-day meeting allowed for non-state actors and governments alike to discuss and exchange their views and positions on agricultural development in Africa, and provided a space for dialogue which resulted in a truly multi-stakeholder contribution towards the way forward in ending hunger in Africa.”

In the following interviews, you will listen to the two non-state actors’ spokespersons:
Dr Lindewe Sibanda, Chief Executive Officer and Head of Mission, FANRPAN (Food, Agriculture and Natural Resources Policy Analysis Network).
5min. 25sec.

Dr. Sipho Moyo, Africa Director of ONE.
5min. 14sec.
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