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The sustainable development of forest foods
Social responsibility and responsible business practices
Knowledge transfer and capacity building characterize CEGESTI and TREE AID, two non-governmental organizations that strive to strengthen small producer organizations’ technical and managerial competencies, enabling the implementation of business practices that respect the environment and the right to a decent work.

CEGESTI has stood out for transferring knowledge and innovative methodologies to small producers in Latin America and the caribbean. Costa Rican Daniel Ocampo tells us more:
8min. 09sec.

Philip Goodwin, Chief Executive, Tree Aid: 'Tree is everything, it means life in the Sahel's drylands and a source of income for the rural households'
8min. 38sec.
Tema(s): Cambio climático, Educación y capacitación, Seguridad alimentaria, Silvicultura / Forestal
Realizador: Liliane Kambirigi
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