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Nuclear Science to improve Animal Production in Asia Food for the Future:
Rome, 13 November 2012- The 2012 IAEA Scientific Forum was held during the Agency's annual General Conference. Such event brought 2 principal issues on top of its agenda; animal production and nuclear techniques to improve sustainable livestock production systems by providing farmers with advice on the best time for breeding or artificial insemination, and on the health of their animals.

Professor Oswin Perera is an expert on livestock production, he studied the health and the reproduction cycle of the Asian water Buffalo for over 30 years.
He spoke to Louise Potterton (IAEA) about the importance of the water buffalo and the use of nuclear science in his work.

More with Oswin Perera, Professor of Farm Animal Production and Health at the University of Peradeniya in Kandy, Sri Lanka
8min. 5sec.
Sujet(s): Animaux & élevage
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