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FAO Corporate Video
This short video provides an overview of the work and mandate of the Food and Agriculture Organization. Director-General José Graziano da Silva states that “FAO is here for everybody. Our mandate is as necessary today as it was back in 1945. Ensuring food for all. Ensuring everybody’s right to food.” This video explores how the Organization is working to provide good, nutritious food for everyone, towards our shared goal of becoming the ‘Zero Hunger Generation.’
Reference: F0135/en
4min. 03sec.
Language(s): Arabic, English, French, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Chinese (Simplified)
Topic(s): Agriculture & crops, Animals & livestock, Biodiversity, Biofuels & bioenergy, Biotechnology, Climate change, Conference-Council, Desertification, Director-General, Emergencies/Crises, Environment/Natural resources, Fisheries & aquaculture, Food prices, Food production & stocks, Food safety & consumer protection, Food Security, Forestry, Historical, Hunger & food insecurity, Mountains, Nutrition, Pests & diseases, Plant & animal genetic diversity, Plants, Rural or agricultural development, Water & Irrigation, Women & gender