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CODEX AND THE FOOD WE EAT (full version)
Fishing communities in Uganda… organic farmers in India… and children with food allergies in Europe – this video explores how the lives of all these people – and many more - have benefited from the application of standards and guidelines established by the Codex Alimentarius Commission. This video was produced by FAO, WHO & The Codex Alimentarius Commission with support from the Government of India, the Ugandan Ministry for Fisheries and The Hospital Sant Joan de Déu, Barcelona. Archive footage was provided by WELLCOME LIBRARY, LONDON.
Référence: F0038
10min. 10sec.
Sujet(s): Faim & insécurité alimentaire, Nutrition - Codex Alimentarius, Pêches & aquaculture, Projets, Sécurité des aliments & protection des consommateurs