FAO Director-General calls for the transformation of production and consumption models to combat hunger, obesity and other forms of malnutrition
FAO Food Price Index posted a decline in 2018 as only cereal quotations increased
New agreement will foster knowledge-sharing and technology transfer to address climate change and food security
FAO’s global agricultural heritage network now comprises 57 unique landscapes

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New UN resolutions sharpen focus on plant health, food safety and pulses

The UN General Assembly approved three new resolutions creating these awareness-raising initiatives, focused on plant health, food safety and pulses.


The Russian Federation donates $3million to boost food security and nutrition in Syria

The donation will enable FAO to support 60,000 vulnerable households in the area of Aleppo, who were severely impacted by the crisis, to restore their production capacity and improve their food security and nutrition.


FAO hails landmark UN resolution that enshrines rights of peasants and rural workers

The Declaration, which the General Assembly adopted on 17 December 2018, aims to protect the rights of all rural populations including peasants, agricultural and rural workers and indigenous peoples, while also recognizing their contribution to sustainable development and biodiversity and the challenges they face.