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Photo: Scott Nelson/WPN for FAO
"Weak link" in public health protection efforts must not be neglected
Photo: ©FAO/Issouf Sanogo / FAO
On World Humanitarian Day 2014, a look at a few of the people at FAO who are helping us make a difference
Violence has left harvesting and fishing activities in disarray, caused price spikes for key food items
Photo:©FAO/Balint Porneczi / FAO
Falling grain, oilseed and dairy prices push index to lowest level since January 2014
Continued efforts to provide farmers, fishers and pastoralists in South Sudan with life-saving emergency livelihood kits are at risk due to a funding shortfall, aggravating the risk of famine in some areas of the country, FAO warned today.
The UN today called on the international donor community to renew a commitment to fight hunger and food insecurity in the Sahel by protecting and strengthening the resilience of the poor and very poor families in the region.
The European Union (EU) will partner with FAO to help small-scale farmers in Serbia recover from the devastating floods of the past spring. An EU grant of EUR 8 million, aimed at restoring the livelihoods of the most vulnerable farming families, was announced at a ceremony here today.