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Photo: ©FAO/Tamiru Legesse
FAO seeks $10 million to provide underserved districts with seeds, prevent further rise in food insecurity
Photo: ©FAO/Vasily Maximov
FAO and OIE map campaign to stamp out a virus that kills millions of sheep and goats each year
Photo: ©FAO
Food security expected to deteriorate, most households already estimated to have poor or borderline consumption
Photo: ©FAO/Jay Directo
New tech allows for rapid and detailed assessments of vulnerable farmlands
n addition to reducing poverty and hunger, agriculture can play a crucial role in making the response to climate change responsible and more effective, Maria-Helena Semedo, FAO Deputy Director-General for Natural Resources said today.
Faced with rising levels of hunger in mountainous regions across the developing world, FAO today launched a special funding-and-planning mechanism to ensure sustainable development and food security in highland regions, home to some 329 million people at high risk for hunger.
Modern technologies that make it easier to recover lost fishing gear are giving a boost to efforts to reduce so-called “ghost fishing" and its harmful impacts on fish stocks and endangered species.