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Podcast Target Zero Hunger

TARGET: Zero Hunger is a podcast about global food security. With the latest research and the help of farmers, development experts and decision-makers around the world, each episode explores the food challenges and solutions of our time. TZH is available on Soundcloud, iTunes and Stitcher.



If you are experiencing issues listening to the podcast on your PC please refer to this FAQ at Soundcloud.com for support.

April 2018 - We are now heading to Cape Verde, off the western coast of the African continent. Over 500 000 people live in the 9 islands of the archipelago. Over [...]
Rumbek is a small city in Central South Sudan. The city is regularly the scene of violent clashes between armed groups and is trying to regain some sense of normality [...]
January 2018 - Sandy, Matthew, Maria… The list of hurricanes and natural disasters which have struck Haïti over the last decade is long. Its location between the Caribbean Sea and [...]
La pauvreté, le manque d’emplois ou encore les effets du changement climatique poussent de nombreuses personnes à quitter leur pays à la recherche d’un avenir meilleur. La migration économique touche [...]
  En Centrafrique, 4 ans après le coup d’état qui a déclenché une explosion des violences entreplusieurs groupes armés, le pays tente de briser le cercle vicieux de la violence. Priorité [...]
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