Brazilian President blows whistle on hunger

Lula da Silva joins "1billionhungry" campaign

26 August 2010, Brasilia - Brazilian President  Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva has joined a global anti-hunger campaign organized by FAO, signing his name to FAO's "1billionhungry" international petition and blowing the campaign's yellow "whistle against hunger".

The whistle-blowing took place at a ceremony held in Brasilia. Nearly half a million people worldwide have so far signed FAO's "1billionhungry" petition calling on world leaders to make the eradication of hunger their top priority.  Supporters of the campaign are invited to"blow the whistle" on hunger. 

You can sign the petition at:

One million signatures

FAO' goal is to obtain one million signatures by the end of November and present them to the 192 Member States due to attend FAO's Governing Council then. Currently, about one billion people in the world suffer chronic hunger.

"Hunger hurts and kills. And we can't be indifferent in the face of such suffering," said FAO Representative in Brazil Hélder Muteia at the ceremony, before inviting Lula da Silva to whistle.
Last night's ceremony coincided with another significant anti-hunger initiative -- the launch of Brazil's new National Policy on Food and Nutritional Security, which took place during a meeting of the Brazilian Food and Nutritional Security Council (CONSEA).
Brazil -- commitment against hunger 

Under recent reforms, the right to food is now one of the social rights guaranteed by the Brazilian Constitution. It is upheld by Brazil's Food and Nutritional Security Law.  Separate legislation requires that 30 % of the food products used in school meals must be bought from family farmers.   

Muteia expressed warm praise for Brazil's ongoing national Zero Hunger strategy and the country's determined effort to promote social inclusion, and called on other countries to do the same.

1billionhungy Project  

The "1billionhungry" project is a major communication campaign intended to rally global support for an end to hunger in the world.   Other celebrities who have signed the petition include actor Jeremy Irons, musician Chucho Valdés and athlete Carl Lewis.

Photo: ©Illuminati Filmes/Ivan Canabrava
Brazilian President Lula da Silva blows whistle on hunger

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