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FAO at the World Water Forum | World Water Day

Istanbul, 16-22 March

FAO's "Virtual Water" reveals how much water is used to produce common food items. Learn more...

FAO will be represented at the highest level by its Director-General Jacques Diouf as well as leading experts at the triennial 5th World Water Forum, the most important event on the international water calendar, to be held in Istanbul from March 16 to 22.

Agriculture is the biggest user of water in the world, accounting for 70 percent of all freshwater withdrawals and the key to feeding a rising global population is how to grow more food using less water.

FAO is also chair of UN-Water.

Journalists attending the conference who would like to make contact with FAO experts or who have any other enquiries should contact:

Erwin Northoff (Istanbul)
tel: (+39) 06 570 53105
mobile: (+39) 348 25 23 616
e-mail: erwin.northoff@fao.org

Hilary Clarke (Rome)
tel: (+39) 06 570 52514
e-mail: hilary.clarke@fao.org


FACTSHEET:  Growing more food—using less water

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