Bio products can improve access to food and, if produced sustainably, help address climate change
Launch of a new collection of books aims to boost awareness about issues in the Sustainable Development Agenda
FAO’s global agricultural heritage network now comprises 50 remarkable landscapes

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Shifting the balance: Getting the private sector to favour nutritious, affordable and accessible diets

The policy brief: Improving diets in an era of food market transformation: Challenges and opportunities for engagement between the public and private sectors, notes that interventions by the public sector alone will not be enough to address these issues.


Fiji partners with FAO and the European Union to build resilient and food secure communities

This project, valued at approximately US$ 3.5 million (FJD 7 million), is funded by the European Union under an initiative which aims to reduce food and nutrition insecurity in countries and regions prone to El Nino induced vulnerabilities. It will be implemented by FAO in partnership with Fiji's Ministry of Agriculture.


Global body adopts new measures to stop the spread of plant pests

The body charged with keeping global trade in agricultural products safe and clean has adopted several new phytosanitary standards aimed at preventing destructive agricultural and environmental pests from jumping borders and spreading internationally.