Clock is ticking to reboot agriculture as secondary growing season already underway
Efforts will focus on combating deforestation and boosting farmers’ resilience to the adverse impacts of climate change
New project to strengthen sustainable forest management and address transboundary threats

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FAO guide outlines how to protect forests from invasive insects

To facilitate adoption of classic biological control, FAO has published a guide that distills information in a clear and concise way to help forest managers in developing countries implement it successfully.


FAO Food Price Index holds steady

The FAO Food Price Index held broadly stable in March. FAO also released new figures on the world’s cereal production and inventory levels, reflecting major upward adjustments made on the back of China’s 2017 agricultural census.


FAO chief calls for innovative approaches and investments to ensure enough water for everyone in the Near East and North Africa

Scaling up innovation, policies and investments in the NENA's water sector is vital “to prevent water scarcity from setting us back in our ambitious vision of eradicating all forms of malnutrition, sustaining peace and leaving no one behind”, FAO Director-General said at the Land and Water Days in Cairo today.