FAO in North America

About Us

FAO’s Liaison Office for North America in Washington, D.C., advises and assists in the development and implementation of FAO policies and programmes by facilitating communication and cooperation between FAO and the Governments of Canada and the United States, and between FAO and the international and inter-American organizations based in Washington.

FAO Washington serves as a conduit for information by

  • Reporting to FAO Headquarters on developments in North America regarding government policies, legislation, programmes, events and public opinion relevant to FAO’s programmes and objectives;
  • Providing information on food, agriculture and rural development issues and on FAO objectives, policies and programmes to the North American governments and the public, including non-governmental and academic institutions.
A special relationship

FAO has always had a special relationship with North America. The Organization was conceived during a meeting at Hot Springs, Virginia, in 1943, formally established in Quebec City in 1945 and headquartered in Washington, D.C. for the first six years of its existence, before moving to Rome in 1951.

FAO maintains two offices in North America – the Washington office servicing Canada and the United States, and another at UN Headquarters in New York.

Mexico, a member of the Latin America and Caribbean region, is serviced by a country office in Mexico and by FAO’s regional office in Santiago, Chile.

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