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World Food Day discussion: Family Farming in the 21st Century

FAO North America and National Geographic are teaming up to host an event on Family Farming in the 21st Century in Washington, DC on October 22nd, 2014. Find out more information and RSVP here. 


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Today in Perspectives, Deputy Secretary of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Krysta Harden, focuses on the department's efforts to attract and support the next generation of farmers. “This World Food Day, I encourage farmers and non-farmers alike to think about who will grow our food 10, 20, 30 years from now. Odessa Oldham from Lander, Wyoming shares the story of her family ranch and in the process articulates the economic and social value of family farms.
In Today’s Perspectives we return to the important topic of the next generation of family farmers. What entices young people back to farming or to be the first generation of farmers in their family? George Boody, Executive Director of the Land Stewardship Project and Beth Satterwhite share interesting perspectives to consider.

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To spur the conversation around family farming in North America, Humanitas Global and Food Tank in collaboration with the World Food Day Network are “taking the pulse” of current and former family farmers through a brief survey.
A key to a sustainable solution to hunger may come from what many are calling the Livestock Revolution. At a recent event on Capitol Hill, Livestock for Livelihood, panelists discussed the value of incorporating efficient animal husbandry into smallholder farms to build food security.
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