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FAO Provides Mid-Year Overview of Humanitarian Assistance and Appeals

The FAO Emergency and Rehabilitation Division published its mid-year overview of FAO’s participation in 15 humanitarian appeals. It highlights critical challenges facing agriculture and food security, priority actions to address those challenges and related funding requirements in places like South...


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“Weak link” in public health protection efforts must not be neglected Tissue samples from chickens await testing at a Nigerian laboratory. 20 August 2014, Rome – FAO today told ministers of health and agriculture meeting in Indonesia that animal disease monitoring systems require sustained support and have a critical role to play in preventing human [...]
On World Humanitarian Day 2014, a look at a few of the people at FAO who are helping us make a difference Supplying herders affected by drought with fodder for their animals. 19 August marks the anniversary of the bombing of the United Nations headquarters in Baghdad, in which 22 people lost their lives. In [...]

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By Emily Hunker, Communications Intern, FAO-Washington, DC. A key to a sustainable solution to hunger may come from what many are calling the Livestock Revolution. At a recent event on Capitol Hill, Livestock for Livelihood, panelists discussed the value of incorporating efficient animal husbandry into smallholder farms to build food security. The event, which was [...]
Today marks the end of World Breastfeeding Week. Breastfeeding has a critical impact on a child’s life: it can prolong it by strengthening the immune system and reducing the risk of disease transmission. As a result, breastfeeding is also key to reaching the Millenium Development Goals. This article is cross-posted with permission by 1,000 days. [...]
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