FAO in North America


From March 11th, 2013 to March 5th, 2013

High-level Meeting on National Drought Policy

From December 3rd, 2012 to December 7th, 2012

FAO Council

From November 26th, 2012 to December 7th, 2012

UN Climate Change Conference

From October 16th, 2012 to October 16th, 2012

World Food Day

From October 15th, 2012 to October 20th, 2012

Committee on World Food Security

From September 24th, 2012 to September 28th, 2012

Committee on Forestry

From July 9th, 2012 to July 13th, 2012

Committee on Fisheries

From July 2nd, 2012 to July 7th, 2012

Codex Alimentarius Commission

From May 21st, 2012 to May 25th, 2012

Committee on Agriculture

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